Non digging weekend

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Didn’t make it down this weekend but….

My tomatoes are rocketing along; enjoying the sunshine on the window sills. I am a little worried where I am going to keep them as they get bigger. Also thinking when I do put them out… I need to animal proof my balcony to avoid the birds using my flower pots as landing platforms like last year! Nothing sadder that a squashed tomatoe plant.

I put my free trial beans in pots and they are starting to emerge… Have planted two per pot so hopefully I should have some survivors.

Also I visited my grandparent at the weekend and they donated two propagators to the growing cause. They are a huge improvement on my flimsy ones! Hopefully they will help lots of little plants get going. My Gran was telling me all about her father who was a head gardener, I just hope I inherited some of the skills!

So now all i can do is imagine how the weeds have progressed in the sunny weather and thinking about my revenge. I was hopeful to go after work, but I’m so busy with work that I see lots of late nights on the cards. But we shall see…

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