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I was thinking to myself  ‘why have I not updated this in a while’?… and then I realise I have got engaged! 🙂 Hopefully he knows he will also be marrying an allotment!

So here is an update and some photos: A rare sunshine photo



See most of the inherited rubbish has gone! Nearly all has gone now! We did alot of big dump runs, but it was worth it.

We still have one bit of carpet left to go, but it seemed like a whole house worth of carpet at the start so progress has been made!

-I have dug in both the railway sleepers to hold the soil back and protect the big fence from rotting its socks off.

-Emptied out the large water tank and plan to plant this with something nice! Its so huge it would make a good bath!

-Dug, re dug and dug again  each of the patches. Getting in some nice well rotted compost manure. We do need a bit more, but its a start!

-Potatoes are chitting! may have gone a bit wild with about 30; in 3 varieties!

-Emptied out the water butt; as the lid was left off and leaves had got into the water. Planning to re seat; and connect to our greenhouse to collect water properly. I have noticed we actually have two; we just need a replaceable lid and tap for the second one!

-We have also invested in a compost bin; being veggie I hope this means we can recycle any waste and make lovely compost. The birds have already given it an authentic look.

-The green house is still in progress; we plan to get the new glass in over this Easter weekend.

-I have lots of seeds ready to go but still need a few bits; planning to have a big shop at our allotment shop asap

The plan for the patch is bed:

a; potatoes

b; potatoes

c: potatoes

d; courgettes

e; onion sets

f; chard and broccoli

g; spinach and rocket

h; salads and beetroot

large back beds; beans; broad and runners tbc…

random pots; strawberries

green house; toms

Lots to do!!!!

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