The plan begins

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Hello 2013! The plan for new years day was (rather ambitiously) to go to the allotment on new years day. This was rather hampered by a few to many bottles of bubbly.
But I made it down for an hour of full on weeding and root removing, but it’s going to take a while to get the soil in shape. Hopefully we can get it ready with some manure soon.

I feel a bit rotten as I think we might be turfing out some resident crops, but it’s hard to know how long they have been planted and where they might pop up. The path was all wobbly so when we tried to reset the wobbly stones we found all these roots and shoots. Any ideas?


I expect a few surprises come spring time.

We initially planned to use some homebase beds to divide up our growing space; but it seemed like a lot of money when we are still just starting out. So we are going to keep it old school…

This weekend we are planning to get some weed stop material down, along with some slabs to make the space a bit more manageable. I have planned an idea of what might go where, and we still have 2/3 meters that needs more clearing.

I had a look under the rouge tents and it looks like a snail habitat, so it’s going to have to go soon!

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