Alota weeds!

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We got a great message just before christmas to say; “you can have an allotment”!

So we are less 5 ft garden more 15ft garden!


We have a choice of 3 spots and this one had a little greenhouse; which won us over! We knew it had some big bits of glass missing, we later realised it also had no door! Nothing that can’t be fixed up with a little TLC.

The plot looked a bit daunting; but once we got stuck in it wasn’t too bad. I understand it has been left for a little under a year; so hopefully nothing to scary!

At the back of the site we also had some large iron sheets,  a marquee tent and lots of carpet and random rubble…not to mentioned a fair few bags of garden waste…. from what we assume is the previous owner. We also had 2 rail sleepers; which we plan to use against the back fence…but this might be a summer job!

3 days later and its all starting to look a bit more less like waste land and more like an allotment. But we are ignoring that back section at the moment. This is a photo from day 1 when we cleared the space behind the greenhouse. I will take some better photos next weekend.


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