Hello this is my first post!

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In 2011 we moved into our new flat; with a teeny tiny balcony. As with most things; I bumbled off all excited and ambitious!

The flat came with some rather tired and not recently used window boxes. So I maintained hope that we could grow something.

So off we went and purchased 3 new window boxes to replace the old cracked ones.

As my mother is a keen gardener; she donated us 6 home grown begonias. I also invested in a hanging basket; which I planted with some Petunias. I also found a lovely plant with small origami type flowers (one days I will find out the name), and a variety of other small plants.

We were also inspired when we visited our neighbour’s balcony; she has lived at the flats for over 30 years. Her balcony was like a little oasis of greenery and useful objects.

And so we begin….

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